After The Shoot

Post Production

our in depth editing process utilizes all cinematic principles in order to produce the best experience possible!

Package Alterations

Oftentimes, after your event you may unexpectedly hold value over moments you didn’t plan for. We encourage you to request additions and adjustments to your products in order for them to be even more meaningful.


Once we complete rough drafts, you will have an opportunity to request any specific modifications, which we will complete to the best of our ability. As we only allow for one round of revisions in this process, we ask that you are extremely thorough in analyzing the products.

Turn Around Time

To keep prioritization fair, we edit events in the order in which they were shot. We promise to complete your products within a 5 month timeframe, however, on average you should receive your final products 8-12 weeks after the event.

Final products

When we complete your final products, you will receive a hard-drive containing all RAW materials and editing files, to safely keep and use for your own purposes.

We protect your materials

Once our contract is fulfilled, we protect your materials by keeping copies for a year after the recording date. Should you for some reason lose your personal materials, we will be happy to replenish your files within those 12 months.