During The Shoot

The Big Day Is Finally Here!

enjoy this moment. Relax. Be present.

photo of photographer taking a photo of a bride and groom


Punctual, Prepared, and Efficient

Courteous and Non-invasive

Collected Professionals

Dressed for the Occasion

Charismatic and Enthusiastic

Strategic and Detail Oriented

Storage Requirements

In order to keep our equipment safely out of reach, out of sight and out of mind, we prefer to stow our resting hardware in an isolated area.

Depending on the time dedication, our team may need access to standard electric outlets in order to charge equipment as we progress.

Event dining requirements

For longer events, our team will expect to be included in your meal plan, or receive a food and drink per-diem.

It is essential that our team eats at the same time as you, so as not to miss any important moments while we recharge.