Why Northern Oak Memories

Why Northern oak memories?

We are Passionate

Telling stories is what we love to do. Our team believes that a moment preserved in time is one of the most meaningful gifts a person can receive, and what better story to tell than that of a couple in love!

We are Skilled

By setting our cinematography standards high, our well-trained team applies their understanding of film and technical know-how to elevate all projects into an emotional work of art.

We are easy-going

While many photographers and videographers can be stress-fueled monsters, our team operates effectively and efficiently under pressure, while remaining calm, cool, and creative.

We are professional

Expect our team to be punctual, prepared, adaptable, knowledgeable, collected, and communicative every step of the way.

Northern Oak Memories is a subsidiary company of Northern Oak Media.

Founded with Maine values and a strong code of ethics, Northern Oak Media uses artistic cinematography to tell stories that, without our attention, would not receive the treatment they deserve.

We believe that story-telling is the purest form of art, and drive emotion through respect for our subjects.

Our values


  • We believe in elevating our work above industry standards.


  • We strive to do right by our relationships, our society, our avocation, and those with whom we work.


  • We respect the truth of every person, place, and circumstance with prideful accuracy.


  • We motivate our profession, communication, and action with a foundation of pure hearted empathy.


  • We aim to tell powerful stories that captivate and positively influence every audience.