Wedding Video FAQ


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How much does good Wedding videography cost?

Good videography, “good” being the keyword, costs $2,500 – $5,000 within local industry standards.

Why is Wedding videography valuable?

The average couple forgets 30% of their Wedding within the first year of getting married, and an additional 10% every year after. Video eliminates this problem by giving you the opportunity to entirely re-experience your big day with every watch-through.

What packages do you offer?

With so many options to choose from, we build our packages uniquely catered to each couple, with full customization in service, product, and budget.

What products do you offer?

We mostly produce montages and highlight reels of varying length, and traditional long format documentaries. If you have a more unique product you’d like to see, just ask.

Is My wedding Date Available?

Probably. While we cannot guarantee your event date is available, our large team can service multiple Weddings at once.

Where are you located and where do you service?

Headquartered in Bangor, Maine, we service Weddings in New England, and beyond. Destinations Weddings are individually negotiated.

What is your average turn around time?

On average, we deliver products within 8-12 weeks of your Wedding date.

How do you film/shoot our Wedding?

Two charismatic videographers will comprehensively shoot your pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception and late reception, including all locations, interiors, exteriors, and decor. All audio will be captured by cleverly hidden microphones. Shooting is non-invasive and adaptable, and our shooters will feel just like welcomed guests.

What is a consultation?

Our free consultation is a dedicated period of time to openly discuss your shooting, product, and budget options, while also gauging and developing our client-vendor relationship.

What is the difference between short and long products?

Short products showcase your highlights only, through a cinematic, shareable, and binge-worthy experience. Long products focus on full encapsulation by including everything it possibly can so that no memories are left behind. Knowing what you value most in your documentation will help you choose the right product(s).

Do you produce any fun or unique Wedding products?

Absolutely! With rehearsal dinner coverage, family & friend interviews, movie teaser save the dates, drone operations, and relationship focused films, we love adding value to your day through special products and considerations.

Can I select my own music?

No and Yes. Copyright laws are too strict to use recognizable music from your favorite artists. You can however help us select copyright free music tracks if you prefer. Most of the time, we do it ourself.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer early booking, referral, bundle, military, and training discounts, each reducing your price by 5%.

Should I hire video services For my small event or elopement?

Yes! The more intimate and personal an event is, the more meaningful the memories become.

do wedding video products last a long time?

In addition to having increasing emotional importance, Wedding video’s exist in a digital format, which means it will always maintain quality.

How Do I Book My Wedding?

Booking your Wedding is as easy as selecting a quote, signing a contract, and submitting a security deposit.

Can I keep my RAW materials?

Yes. When products are finalized, and final payment is deposited, we hand over all recorded materials, editing files, and final products.

How do payments work?

We split your package price into 3 installments. The first 1/3 is due upfront. The second 1/3 is due before the Wedding date. And, the third 1/3 is due once you see your product.

Why should I hire Northern Oak Memories?

We create custom catered packages and services to perfectly match your story, style, and cost. Plus, our charismatic team is pretty darn awesome at what they do.

What is your team like?

With a love of storytelling, lots of technical know-how, and high cinematography standards, our team is passionate, skilled, easy going, and professional.