Video Packages

The Videography You Deserve

A truly great Wedding video gives you the unique opportunity to re-experience every emotion, every moment, and every detail throughout a cinematically personalized journey.

2020 Wedding reel

We Build Every Package From The Ground Up

By isolating shooting and editing components, we can create customized off-formula products, that deliver the perfect services for your event, values, and budget.

What Are Your Values?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to documenting your big day. A good place to start is by asking yourself what you value most in your documentation. Knowing your values will help us narrow in on the products that mean the most to you. With your values in mind, what shooting length and products best suit your needs?

Step 1: select your coverage

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Full Day Coverage (10 Hours)
2 Shooters | $1,950

Extensive Coverage

  • For couples looking for cohesive coverage with maximum angles, efficiency, and ease of mind.
  • We capture from Mid Morning Mimosas to Late Night Reception.
Half Day Coverage (6 Hours)
2 Shooters | $1,170

Traditional Coverage

  • For couples looking for traditional coverage with maximum angles, efficiency, and ease of mind.
  • We capture Ceremony through Early Reception.
Small Event Coverage (4 Hours)
2 Shooters | $780

Small Event Coverage

  • For couples looking for playful coverage that highlights the intimacy and simplicity of their elopement, micro-event, or minimony.

*Travel Fees May Apply*

Step 2: select Your products

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primary edits
Essential Montage | $750

3 – 5 Minutes

  • A fast paced and highlight reel placed over music, with every moment, event, and activity from the day wrapped up in a tight bow.
  • This detail driven style offers binge-like watchability to an emotional product that is perfect for sharing.
Cohesive Montage $1,125

5 – 10 Minutes

  • An emotionally extended variation of the essential montage elevated by dedicating more time to vows, dances, and toasts.
  • This budget friendly middle ground between documentary and montage, gives the important moments you don’t want to forget, more real-time inclusion.
Expansive Montage | $1,500

10 – 30 Minutes

  • An emotionally driven cinematic masterpiece that interchanges between real-timing and highlighting styles, to provide perfect pace and extensive detail.
  • By utilizing multiple editing and storytelling styles, this product is the most complete and meaningful way to re-experience your Wedding Day.
Documentary | $1,125

30 – 75 Minutes

  • A real time look at the ceremony, reception, and events in their entirety, laid out in chronological order.
  • Designed with nostalgia in mind, this film makes sure that absolutely no word from a toast, step from a dance, or “awe” from an event goes forgotten.
Elopement Film | $750

Time Flexible

  • A personalized blend of montage and real time editing styles, to showcase your personal moments.
  • Intended to focus on your personality and vibe, this video gives an inside peak into an incredibly intimate event.
specialty considerations
Love Story Interview | $870

4+ Minutes

A beautiful summary of your unique love story in an extraordinary interview based film, focused on your relationship, past, present and future.

Well Wishes To The Bride & Groom | $225

4+ Minutes

  • Give your beloved guests the opportunity to share congratulations, advice, and anecdotes during the back end of your reception.
Aerial Drone Coverage | $150

Increased Production Quality

  • Show off the beauty of your surroundings by incorporating a birds eye view with every location, weather, and daylight change.
Rehearsal Dinner Film | $915

4 – 8 Minutes

  • An important piece of your Wedding that often goes overlooked and deserves incorporation in your Wedding documentation.
Save The Date Teaser | $840

1 – 3 Minutes

  • Let your imagination run wild by filming a custom made movie trailer to wow your guests, and leave them wanting more!
Facebook/Zoom Live-Stream | $150

Ceremony Only

  • Include the ones that couldn’t make it, or your entire little world through a simple webcam setup.

We love requests! If you have an idea how to further customize your Wedding Documentation, let us know and we’ll make it happen.