Video FAQ – Booking

How Do I Book My Wedding?


Booking your Wedding is as easy as selecting a quote, signing a contract, and submitting a security deposit.


Many companies put a ton of pressure on the booking process, and you don’t need any more stress. So, we’ve made booking super simple and straightforward. Here are the 4 things that need to happen.

First, we hold a 30 minute consultation to target in on your values, preferences, and event specifics. From there I piece together a series of quotes built around that information. These quotes are designed to be transparent, well detailed, and make choosing the right package as easy as possible. Once you select a quote, let me know and I will create a contract. Once you’ve looked it over and are happy with your decision, simply sign the contract and send it back to me alongside a payment in the amount of your security deposit. 

If you have any questions or concerns from quote to contract, reach out and I’ll be happy to explain any details that need further elaboration. We want you to be comfortable with your choice to hire us, so we don’t rush this process more than you are comfortable with. As long as you book us with enough time to actually pull the event off, everything will work out great. But, as a little incentive, if you book with us at least 3 months ahead of time, we do offer a 5% early booking discount.

Ready to book your consultation? Let’s chat.