Video FAQ – Consultation

What is a consultation?


Our free consultation is a dedicated period of time to openly discuss your shooting, product, and budget options, while also gauging and developing our client-vendor relationship.


While most Wedding video companies prefer to take a hands off approach to business, I believe you deserve better attention to your needs, values, and budget. In order to provide you with the best experience possible and the perfect products, we hold a consultation to help us  dial in on your ideal package. This meeting also gives us a chance to develop a relationship ahead of the event to keep everything stress free.

During the consultation, we will ask questions like, what characteristics about your event are unique? What will your venue and decor aesthetic look and feel like? Will there be any out of the ordinary moments that we should plan for? We’ll also ask what you value most in your final products, and whether or not there are any existing works that you’d like your products to be inspired by. The consultation will also give you a chance to ask your own questions, like, are we eligible for any discounts? Have we worked with your venue or vendors before? Do we have similar sample products to look at? Or even ask if we have advice for you as you move forward.

Once our consultation is complete, I will draft up a series of 3 detailed quotes, to help weigh your options, and make the best decision possible. 

Consultations are informative and free. Let’s chat.