Video FAQ – Date

Is My wedding Date Available?


Probably. While we cannot guarantee your event date is available, our large team can service multiple Weddings at once.


So, you want to know if your date is available. Honestly, without looking at a calendar, I can give a pretty confident yes. When I built this company, I did so with extreme capacity in mind. I know that my services are meaningful, and I know that I can do a better job telling your story than any other company. This is why I built my business to be able to service as many Weddings as possible.

With a team of more than 10 professionals, a ton of internal organization, a defined shooting and editing formula, and more than enough equipment at my disposal, Northern Oak Memories is able to double, if not triple book any date on a calendar. Every team member is technically trained with a 4 year degree, has had on the job training to learn the in’s and out’s of Wedding videography, and has familiarized themselves with my own preference of shooting and editing techniques.

Now, it would make sense that as the person that you interact with most, you’d prefer that I work your Wedding. But, I am unfortunately limited to my date availability as I can’t be everywhere at once. However, even if I’m not able to be at your event, please trust that my team is an extension of myself, and is more than capable of doing the job, without any difference in quality.

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