Video FAQ – Payments

How do payments work?


We split your package price into 3 installments. The first 1/3 is due upfront. The second 1/3 is due before the Wedding date. And, the third 1/3 is due once you see your product.


Most services that you hire for your Wedding will require the cost to be paid in full ahead of your Wedding date. However, since a hefty portion of video services are spent in the editing process after the Wedding, our payment system extends past the Wedding date in order to make the cost of videography easier to manage and understand.

We start by splitting your payment into 3 equal sized installments. The first 1/3 is the cost of doing business, like keeping up with our equipment, software, insurances, and licensing. We consider this portion to be your security deposit, and it is required in order to be officially booked. The next 1/3 is due upon, or prior to your Wedding date. We consider this portion recognition for filming the Wedding, and use the money to pay our shooters, and travel expenses.

The last 1/3 we do not require until you have received proof of editing concept. Basically, we want you to be confident that we did the work, and want you to have an opportunity to request alterations before we finalize the products. So, the final payment is not required until after you see first drafts, but before we deliver final products. This is of course our standard practice, but we can accommodate other payment plans, you just have to ask.

For help visualizing what your payments would look like, let’s chat.