Video FAQ – Products

What products do you offer?


We mostly produce montages and highlight reels of varying length, and traditional long format documentaries. If you have a more unique product you’d like to see, just ask.


Traditionally, most video companies offer just 2 options when it comes to time-length and style. But, Northern Oak Memories offers more variation to help build a customized and meaningful package that doesn’t break the budget.

First, we offer the traditional documentary ranging from 30-75 minutes. This is a real time look at your day that lets you re-experience every single moment, however, its long runtime can drain your attention span. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we offer the short form highlight reel known as the essential montage. This is a fast paced 3-5 minute music video that showcases the entire day at a glance with binge-like watchability. Unfortunately, in order to stay short, this video leaves out many important details. While these two products are valuable, and amazing together, they do have their downsides. 

For this reason, we provide 2 middle ground options. First, we have a 2-5 minute extension of the essential montage that dedicates more time to the ceremony, vows, dances, and toasts called the cohesive montage. Or, we have a more condensed version of the documentary running at around 25 minutes called the Expansive montage, which interchanges between real-time and highlight styles for maximum flow, while still maintaining detail. 

To figure out which of these options suit your values best, Let’s chat.