Video FAQ – RAW Materials

Can I keep my RAW materials?


Yes. When products are finalized, and final payment is deposited, we hand over all recorded materials, editing files, and final products.


I hear a lot of couples ask whether or not they get to keep the footage. Any Wedding company that says no to this question, is kind of a jerk. Not only have you paid us to film on your behalf, but you’re also the subject of the film. While from a business to business standpoint, the rights would belong to the media company, in the case of your Wedding, I believe that you 100% have the right to 100% of the RAW materials. 

When our work for you is completed, all products are finalized, and all payments are squared away, Northern Oak Memories provides you with a hard drive containing all RAW video, RAW audio, editing sequence files, music, graphics, and Final Products. Additionally, Northern Oak Memories keeps duplicate files backed up on protected servers for 12 months afterwards for further protection.  

We know you will be satisfied with our work, but hey, if for whatever reason at a later date you decide you want a new or alternative edit for your Wedding, all you’d need to do is give us the hard drive back and we will pick up where we left off. Regardless of the needs of the future, the hard drive is yours to keep and do with what you like, to serve whatever purposes you may have. 

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