Video FAQ – Service Area

Where are you located and where do you service?


Headquartered in Bangor, Maine, we service Weddings in New England, and beyond. Destinations Weddings are individually negotiated.


While Northern Oak Memories is based out of Bangor Maine, we do not like to limit ourselves on where we can service. From Madawaska to Rangeley, and from Bar Harbor to Portland, we are ready to service any Maine location with ease. In fact, in addition to the entire state of Maine, we are capable of servicing the entire region of New England by simply planning ahead.

When it comes to travel fees we are pretty straight forward. Anything within 100 miles of our home-base of Bangor, Maine, is included in any package pricing and will not require additional travel fees. However, when it comes to travel outside of the 100 mile range, it’s time for us to start planning. We start by adding up the mileage that would be required to service the Wedding, and continue by subtracting the included 200 miles. The remaining mileage will be reimbursed at the current government rate. From there we take into consideration the amount of hours dedicated to the event, and if the total exceeds 12 hours per person, including drive-time, we require a hotel accommodation for the night, as well as a $50.00 food/drink per diem.

Lastly, while we are willing to work beyond New England, including destination Weddings, these events will need to be individually negotiated.

No matter your location, we can pull it off! Let’s chat.