Video FAQ – Shooting

How do you film/shoot our Wedding?


Two charismatic videographers will comprehensively shoot your pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception and late reception, including all locations, interiors, exteriors, and decor. All audio will be captured by cleverly hidden microphones. Shooting is non-invasive and adaptable, and our shooters will feel just like welcomed guests.


     I know being surrounded by cameras and microphones can seem intimidating, but just as you don’t want to be distracted or overwhelmed on your Wedding day, we don’t want to be an intrusion. With wireless technology, compact equipment, and clever strategy, we can do our job from afar. We treat every Wedding with the utmost attention, and aim to capture everything.

     To do so, we bring 2 videographers and all the camera power we need to comprehensively film all locations, decor, and events from multiple angles. All important audio is recorded through small wireless microphones hidden under clothing. For peace of mind, additional microphones and go-pros are hidden strategically around the venue. And for even higher production quality, we can provide aerial coverage from one of our FAA Part-107 certified drone pilots.

     As you can imagine, one person operating all of this equipment by themselves is difficult, but being in multiple places at once is impossible. This is why videography requires 2 people. Limiting yourself to just one shooter would introduce risk of missing moments, limit the quality of your footage, and result in weaker final products. By trusting our videographers and our process, our team will perfectly capture your Wedding with authenticity and creativity.

We only have one shot to record your story. So, Let’s chat.