Video FAQ – Short vs Long

What is the difference between
short and long products?


Short products showcase your highlights only, through a cinematic, shareable, and binge-worthy experience. Long products focus on full encapsulation by including everything it possibly can so that no memories are left behind. Knowing what you value most in your documentation will help you choose the right product(s).


Getting your Wedding filmed is only half the battle. Editing is a whole different ball game. The 2 schools of thought when it comes to editing are short & consumable vs long & comprehensive. While both have extreme value, they also have opposing pros and cons. 

Long format videos range between 30 and 75 minutes and showcase your entire day in real-time chronological order. This approach makes sure absolutely no moment goes forgotten, and protects precious time spent with your loved ones. While you may not always have the time to sit and watch longer formats, they do hold a lot of long-term value by becoming more and more appreciated as time goes on. 

Short form editing on the other hand has more immediate value. These tend to be between 3 and 10 minutes in length, are driven by music, creatively stylized, and wrap your Wedding in a tight bow. While entertaining, binge-worthy, and perfect for sharing, they also tend to skip over what you’d prefer to see in full, like vows, speeches, dances, and games.

While there are many variations between these styles, including several fantastic middle of the road options, knowing what you value most in your documentation will help you choose the right products.

To figure out what products and styles are right for you, Let’s chat.