Video FAQ – Small Events

Should I hire video services For
my small event or elopement?


Yes! The more intimate and personal an event is, the more meaningful the memories become.


In today’s world you may be considering a more intimate event, like an elopement, micro-Wedding, or Minimony. That’s a fun word. Whether in a court-house, backyard, or any other non-traditional venue, your special day has a chance to be even more unique, by unapologetically celebrating the way you want to celebrate, surrounded by a handful of your closest loved ones.

Now, even though you may think your event is too small to be worthy of full documentation, an elopement video package is perhaps even more meaningful than that of a traditional Wedding. There may be less details in a smaller event, but that just puts more importance on the details you do have, and without a doubt in my mind, you’re going to want to remember them.

No matter where, or how you get hitched, the butterflies still fly, the tears are still filled with joy, the laughter is still genuine, and the tenderness is still pure. It doesn’t matter if your bridal attire is a pair of jeans, or if your reception is held on lane 10 at the bowling alley, your day is your day, and you deserve to have it preserved.

Small event videography is personalized specifically to you through a beautiful blend of editing styles that compliment your unique experience.

We love working with the non-traditional. Let’s chat.