Video FAQ – The Team

What is your team like?


With a love of storytelling, lots of technical know-how, and high cinematography standards, our team is passionate, skilled, easy going, and professional.


My name is Ethan Levesque, and I am the owner of Northern Oak Memories. Living in small town Maine, I grew up to revere the unique stories that come with our culture, nature, and people. I eventually went on to harness this storytelling passion by learning the in’s and out’s of video production, as well as the psychology behind film, while achieving my Bachelors degree in Communications from NESCom, in Bangor, Maine.

I believe that filmmaking is the most powerful art form when it comes to storytelling and my goal is to give your story the attention and treatment it deserves. With artistic cinematography, psychological strategy, and immense respect for your journey, Northern Oak Memories tells your story right.

By setting our cinematography standards high, my well-trained team applies their understanding of film and technical know-how to elevate all projects into an emotional work of art. Plus, while many vendors can be stress-fueled monsters, our team operates effectively and efficiently under pressure, while remaining calm, cool and creative. We know that a moment preserved in time is the most meaningful gift a person can receive, and what better story to tell than that of a couple in love?

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