Video FAQ – Turn Around

What is your average turn around time?


On average, we deliver products within 8-12 weeks of your Wedding date.


Turn around time is always an awkward subject to talk about. We know you want your videos as early as possible, so we keep your delivery date at the top of our mind. However, there is no way around the fact that video editing can be a lengthy process, especially when done right. We backup your footage, edit rough drafts, hold internal revisions, edit again, allow you the opportunity to request changes, edit one last time, finalize, and duplicate the files across multiple backup servers for safety before we deliver, but, that’s the part of the process that you don’t need to worry about.

We promise a 5 month turn around time. Now, don’t be disheartened by that timeline because this is the worst case scenario. Most of our edits are delivered within 8-12 weeks. Estimating our delivery date any further than that can be difficult, as completion is constantly altered by the editing circumstances. Multiple products, lengthier ceremonies, style, pacing, and equipment and internet speeds are really the dictators of how long this process takes. To make everything fair, we order our editing priority based on the chronological order that events are filmed. But, no need to worry, we’re on it, and we know you’ll be happy with our results!

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