Video FAQ – Value

Why is Wedding videography valuable?


The average couple forgets 30% of their Wedding within the first year of getting married, and an additional 10% every year after. Video eliminates this problem by giving you the opportunity to entirely re-experience your big day with every watch-through.


When you ask what the true value of Videography is, the most important thing to remember is that value is not synonymous with cost. Price point does not necessarily reflect importance. In the case of Weddings, a good video package is worth much more than what you paid for.

Why? Because through video, you can relive every word, lyric, tear, sniffle, laugh, and hug as if you’re experiencing them for the very first time. We don’t know where our lives, or our loved ones are going to be in 5, 10, 20 years… and Video preserves time that you spent together, which is something you’ll appreciate down the road.

Plus, where most of your other Wedding services are only designed to be enjoyed for a limited period of time, video is able to be enjoyed for as long as you live. It spreads it’s worth out over 50 years, instead of just 24 hours. The return on investment in Wedding videography is paid for through emotional importance upon every watch through. And even cooler, video helps increase the value of all other services by including them in its coverage. 

You only have one opportunity to capture the biggest day of your life, and once the day passes, without videography… it’s gone.

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